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After School

After School Education and Safety (ASES)

The ASES program is a state grant that funds after school education and enrichment activities created through a partnership between a school and community organization.  CUSD has five ASES programs that provide literacy, academic enrichment and safe constructive alternatives for students located at the following elementary school sites:  Kinoshita, Las Palmas, RH Dana, San Juan, and Viejo.

ASES Contact Information




School Website Link

Community Partner Link



Hope Manuel, Area Manager, Beach Cities YMCA, 380-3513,

Iliana Farias, Director, 234-5391

Jose Luis Pedraza, Principal, Kinoshita,


Kinoshita Website

YMCA Website


Las Palmas

Sylvia Rosenthal, Owner, CampCo,

Maria Christina Barrosa, Principal, Las Palmas,


Las Palmas Website

CampCo Recreation


RH Dana

Hope Manuel, Area Manager, Beach Cities YMCA, 380-3513,

Maricela Velasquez, Director, 661-1627

Kristen Nelson, Principal, RH Dana,


R H Dana Website

YMCA Website


San Juan

Hope Manuel, Area Manager, Beach Cities YMCA, 380-3513,

Florence Rubi, Director, 496-7514

Carrie Bertini, Principal, San Juan,


San Juan Website

YMCA Website



Hope Manuel, Area Manager, Beach Cities YMCA, 380-3513,

Jackie Garcia, Director, YMCA, Viejo,

Jesus Becerra, Principal, Viejo,


Viejo Website


YMCA Website


Stacy Yogi, Executive Director, State and Federal Programs, 234-9244,




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